CSMR-WCRE 2014 Conference on Software Maintenance, Reengineering and Reverse Engineering

February 3-7, 2014, Antwerp, Belgium

Eight International Workshop on Software Quality and Maintainability

Bridging the gap between end user expectations, vendors' business prospects, and software engineers' requirements on the ground.


We are proudly announcing that Stefano Zacchiroli will give the Keynote of the SQM'2014 workshop, titled "Challenges to Free Software Dependability".


Free and Open Source Software (Free Software for short) is pervasive, you can't possibly be using any significantly large software assembly today without relying on hundreds of Free Software components. By and large Free Software is delivered by vendors (GNU/Linux distributions, "app stores" maintainers, appliance editors, etc.) who do not write most of the code they distribute themselves, but rather polish and integrate Free Software developed by others. We depend on the existence of those vendors on the market and rely on their ability to shield us from the hectic life cycle of Free Software components.

In this talk we discuss Free Software dependability, focusing on the role of intermediate software vendors. We discuss recent research results in the area of Quality Assurance for large component repositories and the challenges ahead in the area.

Speaker bio:

Stefano Zacchiroli is Associate Professor of Computer Science at University Paris Diderot. His research interests span formal methods and their applications to improve software quality and user experience in the context of Free Software distributions. He has been involved in the Debian Project since 2001, taking care of many tasks from package maintenance to distribution-wide Quality Assurance. He has been Debian Project Leader for 3 years, until April 2013.